Friday, January 6, 2012

Reviewing the year's Reviews 2011

I thought as we are now in 2012 I would look back at the reviews!

I think my favorite movie I have reviewed for this blog is Finding Forrester for is message (and actor), followed by Arsenic and Old Lace, then Abbot & Costello, Patriot Games and then Seventh Seal.

I think my favorite has to be a tie between How to succeed in business without really trying, Catch Me if you can, and Addams Family. Spider-Man comes in second place.

I think my favorite book I have reviewed for this blog would have to be Catch Me if You can. Followed by: Casino Royale, Patriot Games, King Solomon's Mines and then finally Cannery Row, though the order of the books is really hard...

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Well, that's it! Done with 2011 reviews! check in soon for the first 2012 review! I hope to bring some interesting classics to the blog and ones which SHOULD have been classics...Here to the future! "Here's looking at ya'!"

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