Saturday, December 31, 2011

Finding Forrester (Movie Review)

This is the season to be with family and what better activity can you do than watch movies? Among the movies I watched with my family for the first time, I have decided to talk about on involving growing up and (my favorite) writing. This 2000 film stars the great Sean Connery and is called Finding Forrester! 

The Story
Basically, Jamal Wallace (played by Rob Brown) is an African American 16 year old who loves to write, but is growing up a basketball-oriented Harlem neighborhood. His life is changed when he is dared to break into a spooky apartment rumored to contain a murderer and he meets William Forrester (played by Sean Connery).

Name THAT Genre!
This is a really heart warming story. My cousins described this movie as a serious film, which is partly true. I would say it is a “Coming of Age” story mixed with a drama. Even having watched the film, I am not sure exactly what genre it is, but whatever it is was good.

Sir Sean Connery
I’ve said before that I love Sir Sean Connery (did you know he was a knight?). With his Scottish accent and quick wit, who would not love this great actor? This movie finds him playing a reclusive writer who wrote one novel and then was so disgusted with the literary critic world that didn’t write again. This role is just pure fun. In this movie, we got to see Connery as a more intellectual figure than the man of action we usually see from his previous roles. This movie also makes him a teacher, which would carry on into his next role as Alan Quatermain in “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”. There are just some amusing scenes in this movie, such as one with Sean Connery calmly riding a bicycle with cheerful music in the back ground. It just made me laugh. This movie also has him using modern words. For example, it has Sir Sean Connery saying, “You’re the man, dog!” If that does not sell you on this movie, I don’t know what will.

Other Notable Cast Members
There are several enjoyable people on the cast who make this movie really great. Rob Brown, who played Jamal Wallace, was good. He had a nice sense of humor and portrayed his character with lots of spirit. If you are an X-men or True Blood fan, you might recognize Jamal’s love interest because she (Claire Spence) is played by Anna Paquin, who played the X-men character Rogue and True Blood’s Sookie Stackhouse.

The Movie’s Message
This movie has a wonderful message of hope. As I write this review, there is less than two hours before New Years, when the year will change from 2011 to 2012. This is the time of looking to the future and hoping for the best. This movie takes the hopes of one young man and shows what he can accomplish if he learns to be exuberant. If we were watching “Dead Poet’s Society”, then I would say that Jamal needs to "carpe diem" (or seize the day) and with them help of William Forrester, he does seize the day. As a writer and a person who does not know what the future holds I love the message of this movie.

This is a wonderful movie. It has a nice message and a great cast. I especially liked the Sherlock Holmes and Edgar Allen Poe references. I felt proud to know the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle they were referring to even before Jamal named him as young Stanford. I realize such things don’t mean much to some people, but it is cool to me. Any way, it’s a good movie and you should watch it. Well, that’s that. The last review of 2011. Boy, its been a swell year. Here’s to 2011 and the year we have yet to meet. I hope the Ponsonby Britt Report incites you to read or watch things you have never seen or heard of and I hope it also incites me to grow as a person and for me to watch some of the classics of literature and cinematography. Again, “Here’s looking at ya!”


“The key to writing is to write not to think!”
--Sean Connery (as William Forrester in Finding Forrester 2000 ___)

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