Monday, June 27, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen!

The moment I'm sure you've been all been waiting for (*rolls eyes* right...), I'd like to introduce "The Ponsonby Britt Report"! After months of hesitation on my part (wasn't sure if I should actully do this thing) and because I had a hard time finding a way to copy right this (think I did it!), We are up and running!

Now, you might ask yourself, "What is this "The Ponsonby Britt Report"© about?"  Well, good question. I'd like to think that this blog will promote the obscurities of the world. We all watch Movies, TV Shows and Books (well, technically we read books, but no matter). And we decide on looking at one of these medias because a friend told us about it, the news talked about it, or somehow we heard it being promoted. 

We all know about Alfred Hitchcock's "North by Northwest" or "Psycho" (if you don't, check 'em out!), but do a lot of people know about my personal favorite Hitchcock movie: "Trouble with Harry"? Not many people know it (least not many from my generation). This is only one of the many examples of medias which have been obscured through the ages, that deserve to be taken off the shelf, have the dust brushed off and enjoyed.

I hope that this blog will help my generation and the generations after me to see what has come before. I also hope that it will show that there are some cool stuff out there that we really don't hear about. 

Well, I think that does it for the first post. Here's to an exciting journey! 
 "Here's looking at ya'!"

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